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Gibraltar424 viewsS/Lt O. Byrne in Wardroom of H.M.S. Childers at Gibraltar
Gibraltar424 viewsGroup taken at Colonial Hospital, Gibraltar on occasion of visit of officers from L.E. Macha
Gibraltar424 viewsLooking towards the Admiralty Tower from the deck of the Macha in the Naval dockyard, Gibraltar
Gaelic football team423 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Gaelic football team of 18 men with an officer standing in the middle in Croke Park. Names and date is unknown.
Artillery recruits, McKee Barracks, Dublin.423 viewsGlass plate negative showing seven recruits smoking while their training Corporal stands on the left hand side in McKee Barracks in Dublin. In the background is a 25 pounder field gun.
Butt party423 viewsGlass plate negative showing a group of soldiers controlling the butts of a rifle range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
Gibraltar423 viewsL.E. Macha prepares to enter Gibraltar harbour
Gibraltar423 viewsThe L.E. Macha is passed out by a destroyer heading for England from Gibraltar
Gibraltar423 viewsShopping in Gibraltar
Gibraltar422 viewsStoring away the rations at Gibraltar (L.E. Macha)
Gibraltar421 viewsView of Gibraltar harbour, US destroyers are seen leaving
Foot Drill419 viewsA Volunteer Force platoon conducting foot drill on a parade square. These soldiers have their Lee Enfield rifles slung over their right shoulders, with their bayonets fixed. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks, Rathmines, Dublin, between 1934-1939.
Gibraltar419 viewsGibraltar from the decks of the L.E. Macha
Infantry recruit in front of armoured car418 viewsGlass plate negative showing an infantry recruit being congratulated by a Company Sergeant (CS) in front of a Ford armoured car sometime between 1958 and 1968.
Gibraltar418 viewsView of Gibraltar from the Spanish customs
Gymnastic display in a gymnasium417 viewsGymnastic display team conducting various movements in a unknown gymnasium.
Recruits, Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin417 viewsGlass plate negative showing four recruits standing at ease in front of a grotto beside the church in Cathal Brugha Barracks,Dublin, sometime between 1930-1960.
Nice417 viewsL.E. Macha pulls away from the quayside at Nice (France)
Trail Arms correct position414 viewsGlass plate negative showing an enlisted soldier demonstrating the correct position to hold the Lee Enfield rifle once given the command to "Trail Arms". Taken in November 1924.
Nice414 viewsRatings and Petty Officers of the L.E. Macha forming up outside the Church of Our Lady of Notre Dame, Nice (France) after attending Mass, 5/9/48
Nice414 viewsThe L.E. Macha pulls away from the quayside at Nice, 6/9/48
Gibraltar413 viewsGeneral view of Gibraltar harbour
Nice413 viewsIn the cemetery at Roquebrune where Yeats had been buried. M. Otto, a Mentone lawyor, working on the text of the farewell oration which he addressed to the dead poet before the cortege started for Nice
IEMA-P-096-003412 viewsIt was difficult to maintain boots for inspection. The periodical shortages of polish and the tough treatment caused by long marches and turf cutting meant many tough moments on the parade grounds.
Repairing a damaged railway.412 viewsGlass plate negative showing soldiers from the Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps repairing the Douglas Viaduct railway bridge in Cork which was damaged during the Civil War.For more information see An tOglach Volume 1 No 5 (new Series) 21 April 1923.
Volunteer Force Artillery Gun Crew412 viewsVolunteer Force Artillery Gun crew being put through their drills on an 18-pdr field gun, by a Regular army NCO. Taken in McKee Barracks, Dublin, on the parade square in front of the Officers Mess sometime between 1934-1939.
Gibraltar412 viewsScene in Wardroom of H.M.S. Childers at Gibraltar
IEMA-P-062-369411 views‘Step together’ week, New Ross – 02 May 1943. Many large towns organised special weeks involving parades, concerts and sports events in which military and civilians participated.
The Artillery Salute for Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins Commemoration at the Cenotaph, Leinster Lawn, on 17 August 1924411 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Artillery unit saluting at the Arthur Griffiths and Michael Collins Commemoration held at the Cenotaph on the 17th August 1924. This particular glass plate was used in "An tÓglách" for the 30th August 1924 release, pages 10 - 11.
Attention position third movement411 viewsGlass plate negative showing an enlisted soldier demonstrating the third movement to be conducted once given the command to stand to attention with arms, taken in November 1924.
Gibraltar411 viewsRations coming aboard the L.E. Macha at Gibraltar
IEMA-P-096-006410 viewsIce Cream comes to Camp Mount Pleasant, Co. Waterford – 18 July 1942.
Unmounted officer with drawn sword held at shoulder height409 viewsSword drill under supervision of Capt Flanagan and Capt Nolan at McKee Barracks Dublin
Gibraltar409 viewsSan Roque, Spain, from roadway leading to La Linea
Nice409 viewsLooking down on Cap Martin (where Yeats lived for a time) from the cemetery at Roquebrune
Review Parade, Phoenix Park, 1926408 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Chief of Staff Peadar MacMahon and General Hogan on horseback inspecting soldiers prior to a march past in the Phoenix Park in 1926.
On the range408 viewsGlass plate negative showing Irish soldiers firing Lee Enfield rifles on the range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare. c1930
Nice407 viewsIrish ratings and P.Os. Forming up outside the Church of Our Lady of Notre Dame in Nice
Nice407 viewsUndertaker's party screwing down the lid of the outer coffin containing the body of Yeats - scene outside the mortuary in the cemetery at Roquebrune (France). Figure on left is that of gravedigger. Other civilian is M/ Otto, poet and lawyer of Mentone, who delivered farewell oration.
Nice407 viewsThe band of the 159th Regiment (French Army) heads up the funeral procession on to the harbour at Nice
Gibraltar405 viewsGibraltar view
Nice405 viewsGang-plank goes ashore from the first Irish warship, the L.E. Macha, to berth at any Mediterranean port. Seaman Joe Higgins of Youghal was first rating ashore on French soil
Gibraltar403 viewsGibraltar from Spanish roadway leading to La Linea
Nice403 viewsFrench crowds at Nice interested in the L.E. Macha

Nice403 viewsFrench honour guard
IEMA-P-062-375402 viewsTaking a well earned rest from turf cutting – Killamuck Camp, Abbeyleix, Co. Carlow. – 23 July 1943.
Nice401 viewsParty of Irish sailors parade to mass on a Sunday morning in Nice
Nice401 viewsView from the top of the terraced cemetery of Roquebrune, where Yeats was buried, looking out on the Mediterranean
Officer sword drill400 viewsGlass plate negative showing a mounted officer with is sword drawn. Conducted under the supervision of a Captain Nolan at McKee Barracks, Dublin in 1927 for a sword drill manual.
Rifle practice400 viewsSoldiers practicing their shooting skills, while under the watchful eye of their commanding officer, on a range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
Rifle practice400 viewsSoldiers preparing to march of the firing point after practicing their shooting skills. Located on a range in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.
Nice399 viewsView of graveyard
IEMA-P-062-339398 viewsTroops taking a break on the roadside outside Cahir, while advancing southwards to the Blackwater – 21 August 1942.
Runners reaching finishing line397 viewsThe winner of a running race crossing the finish line closely followed by second and third runners as soldiers observe from the sidelines. Names, dates and location is unknown.
Cross country race397 viewsA Glass plate negative showing a cross country race possibly in the Phoenix Park racecourse in Dublin.
RPRMC Disbandment Parade397 viewsGlass plate negative showing General Mulcahy and Major Russell, O/C RPRMC, inspection the soldiers of the RPRMC at their Disbandment parade sometime in 1924.
Nice397 viewsFrench crowds gather to watch the L.E. Macha berth at Nice
Tug of war team in Croke Park395 viewsGlass plate negative showing the a tug of war team in Croke Park, Dublin during a competition with a referee closely observing what is happening.
Officer sword drill394 viewsGlass plate negative showing a mounted officer with his sword drawn, right arm extended horizontally and sword vertical. Taken at McKee Barracks under the supervision of Captain Flanagan and Captain Dwyer, office in charge on the 12 March 1927.
IEMA-P-067-010393 viewsCatching up with the news.
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