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Liathmore, County Sligo471 viewsAerial photograph of Liathmore, Co. Sligo
Fermoy Town, County Cork471 views
Re-Organisation of Air Services470 viewsPlate two shows the June 1923 organisation of the Air Corps officers showing the names of each rank.
Bomb Shelter Kilbride470 viewsGlass plate negative showing a World War II bomb shelter in Kilbride.
Guinness Brewery Dublin470 views
Artane Industrial School470 viewsAerial Photograph of Artane Industrial School with the initials AAC, TJM/TM inscribed on the glass.
Cork Exhibition Grounds470 viewsAerial photograph of the Cork exhibition ground
Collinstown Aerodrome470 views
Rathfarnham470 views
Baldonnel Dramatic Society469 viewsThe first plate shows members of the society posing outdoors in a three tiered row for a group portrait. The image shows twenty members of the society dressed in either costume or military attire. Several men are made up to look like women.
Aer Corps;Glass Plate Negatives;Military Archives;Photographs469 views
Lt J Twohig - Sidcot469 viewsPlates two show the Sidcot flightsuit.
Miles Magister on Parade on Apron469 viewsGlass plate negative showing Miles Magisters lined up on the apron in Baldonnel.
Miles Magisters on Grass469 views
Will's Tobacco Factory Dublin469 viewsGlass plate negative showing Will's Tobacco factory and the surrounding area in Dublin.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin469 views
Fermoy Town, County Cork469 views
Loretto Convent Rathfarnham469 viewsGlass plate negative photograph showing Loretto convent and the surrounding area
Steamship "Pres. Roosevelt"469 viewsGlass plate negative showing the steamship "President Roosevelt"
Spike Island469 viewsGlass plate negative the full island of Spike Island.
DH8 (Showing Wireless Set)468 viewsGlass plate copy negatives showing the wireless set inside an aircraft. The aircraft appears to be in fact an Airco DH9.
Arrival of Southern Cross468 views
Rev. Fr. O'Riordan468 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Reverend Father O'Riordain in military uniform. Portrait appears to have been taken in a studio and shows Reverend Father O'Riordan from the waist up.
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover468 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats near the harbour.
86th Cadet Class 2009-11 and the 28th Air Corps Cadet Class468 views
Agricultural College Glasnevin468 views
Aircraft Anso Crash at Borriskane468 viewsAerial photograph of the Anso aircraft crash at Borriskane, visable in the photograph are civilians, Garda Siochana, wreckage of a plane crash along with the Anso Aircraft with the tail number 44.
BF III Crash467 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of Bristol Fighter F2B Fighter serial III which crashed at Naas, Kildare 17 July 1922. Images shows the wreck of the aricraft on the ground taken from each both sides and the rear. The aircraft had arrived in Baldonnel 10 July 1922. Glass plate one has been identifed on the envelope as Bristol Fighter II which was delivered to Baldonnel 4 July 1922 and was written off after a crash at Castlebagot, Baldonnel 23 Jan 1924 in which Lieutenant R. T. Nevin was killed. The image, however, appears to be that of the BF III crash on 17 July 1922. Glass plate two and three both show the serial number of the aircraft BF III.
Air Corps Personnel Group Photograph467 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing approximately one hundred and twenty-five Air Corps personnel posing for a group shot in front of a hangar in Baldonnel. The men are arranged in tiered rows with one man lying on his side in the foreground. One face on the far left appears to have been intentionally blacked out on the original photograph.
Re-Organisation of Air Services467 viewsPlate three shows the Air Corps headquarters organisation chart.
Baldonnel Mosaic467 viewsGlass plate negative showing an aerial view of Baldonnel area.
Observers - Five Officers and One Civilian467 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing observers standing outside a hut in a field. Two men are carrying binoculars. Two civilians are present in the photograph. One civilian is sitting at a desk and appears to be writing while smoking a pipe.
Crashed Bi-Plane467 viewsGlass plate negative showing a crashed Bi-plane with an officer standing in front, no identification marks are visible on the plane.
Group Photo in Front of Hanger 'C'467 viewsGlass plate negative of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of Hanger C.
Mount Argus Monastery467 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna467 views
British & Russian Aircraft466 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Civil War Officers Group Portrait466 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Guinness Brewery Dublin466 views
Queen Street Bridge, Dublin466 viewsAerial photograph of Queen Street Bridge, Dublin and the surrounding area
Dominican College Newbridge466 viewsAerial photograph of the Dominican college located in Newbridge.
Mount Argus Monastery466 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna466 views
British & Russian Aircraft465 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Army Collar Badges465 viewsGlass plate copy negative of five army collar badges.
Inside of Church465 viewsGlass plate negative showing the interior of the old Church in Baldonnel.
North Strand Bombings465 views
Albert Bridge, Dublin465 viewsAerial photograph of Albert Bridge, Dublin and the surrounding area
80th Cadet Class 2003-05465 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna465 views
Lourdes Hospital, Dun Laoghaire465 viewsAerial photograph of Lourdes Hospital and the surrounding area.
Taking Over the Curragh464 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Colonel O'Connell taking over the Curragh. Several civilian bystanders, including children, watch as the Free State Troops are marching past. A caption below the image reads " The Taking-Over of The Curragh Camp by Col. O'Connell (on left), May 16 1922.
Apprentice Air Corps Group Shot in Front of Hangar Lt. Ward464 viewsGlass plate negative showing a group photograph of Air Corps apprentices with Lieutenant Ward in front of a hangar in Baldonnel.
Lyon's House Newcastle County Dublin464 viewsAerial Photograph of Lyon's House Newcastle County Dublin
Officer and Four Men in Civillian Attire464 viewsGlass plate negative group portrait of an Officer and four men in civilian attire standing in front of a building.
IEMA-P-062-060463 viewsTea break during manoeuvres. The armbands on the left arms are to facilate umpires in identifying the opposing forces.
Army Jumping Team463 viewsPlate two shows four officers posing on the ground with six horses in front of the army equitation school.
Recruiting Officer and Men Signing On463 viewsGlass plate copy negative with above caption "Answering the Call: Thousands of young DUBLIN men Arms issued by the IRISH GOVERNMENT. Photographs..particular to Recruiting Officer." Image shows two officers at a desk appearing to take particulars of a civilian man. A queue of men two abreast is formed neatly behind him.
Miles Magisters on Grass463 views
Group Photo in Front of Building463 viewsGlass plate negative image of Irish Army personnel posed in front of a building.
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