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Group Portrait of Sinn Fein Office268 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait taken outdoors showing members of the Sinn Fein office. Michael Collins and Desmond Fitzgerald are both present.
Apprentices266 views
Group Portrait Including Kevin O' Higgins, Sean Mac Eoin and Arthur Griffith266 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait containing military officers, TDs and members of the clergy taken in front of a building. The front row, seated, include from left to right Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Griffith, Dr. Fogarty (Bishop of Killaloe). Men standing in the back row include Paddy Hogan, Canon William O' Kennedy, Ignatius O'Neill, Sean Milroy and Michael [Breana or Brennan].
Civil War Officers Group Portrait265 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of Irish Free State personnel.
Tallaght Aerodrome265 views
Tallaght Aerodrome265 views
Inchicore Church265 views
Walrus Take-Off Killiney265 viewsGlass plate negative of a Walrus taking off.
Minister's House. Mr. Traynor265 views
Avro Cadets Formation264 viewsOne glass plate negative showing six Avro Cadets flying in formation.
Gormanstown Aerodrome263 viewsVertical glass plate negative showing part of Gormanstown Aerodrome, the part photographed is set up as a military camp.
Brigadier General George Adamson and Letter Signed by Eamonn Ceannt261 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a photograph and a letter. The photograph shows Brigadier General George Adamson and another member of the Free State Army standing by a canon. The photograph appears to be have been dated 22 April 1922 and then altered to read 25 April 1922. The letter appears to be dated 10 February 1914.
Officer's Mess Gardens260 views
Army Jumping Team260 viewsPlate four shows five officers posing in front of a door of the Army Equitation School.
Fitzmaurice and other Air Corps Personnel in Front of Aircraft260 viewsGlass plate copy negative of officers of the Irish Air Corps standing in front of a Bristol Fighter. Officers are named from left to right: Lorcan C. Gogan, John Hume, Oscar A. Heron, Edward F. Stapleton, William P. Delamere, James C. Fitzmaurice, Daniel J. McKeown, Nicholas E. Fogarty, Frederick S. Crossley, Dr. Theo McWeeney, Serge Barnes, Arthur G. Russell, Gerard J. Carroll, Bryan McSweeney, Patrick F. McGrath and Timothy J. Prenderville.
Avro Cadet 631s in flight260 viewsGlass plate negative showing a "from air" shot of three Avro Cadet 631s flying in formation. The Avro Cadet serial numbers are 1, 2 and 7.
Vespa Aircraft Front and Side Views259 viewsGlass plate copy negatives of a Vickers Vespa, Vickers Type 208 Vespa V, serial V8. This aircraft was delivered to Baldonnel 5 April 1931 and written-off 12 June 1940. The image shows a front and side views of the aircraft. Glass plate one shows a front view of the aircraft and the serial number cannot be seen. Glass plate two and three show side views of the aircraft with the serial number visible.
Troops on the March Curragh259 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Irish Free State troops marching to the Curragh after the take-over in May 1922. A caption below the image reads " A Company of Free State soldiers passing through The Curragh on their way to the camp after the taking-over ceremony '
Taking Over the Curragh259 viewsGlass plate copy negative of Colonel O'Connell taking over the Curragh. Several civilian bystanders, including children, watch as the Free State Troops are marching past. A caption below the image reads " The Taking-Over of The Curragh Camp by Col. O'Connell (on left), May 16 1922.
GPO 1916 Commemoration Dublin259 views
Collinstown Aerodrome259 views
Hurricanes in Flight259 views
Minister's House. Mr. Traynor259 views
Kohl - The Kaiser - Fitzmaurice - Hunefeld : The Bremen Crew258 viewsGlass plate copy negative of (from left to right) Hermann Kohl, ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II, Colonel James C. Fitzmaurice and Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Hunefeld
Eucharistic Congress Dublin258 views
Internment Camp Curragh258 views
Internment Camp Curragh258 views
Officer's Mess Gardens257 views
Naas town, County Kildare257 views
Hurricanes in Flight257 views
Officer's Mess Gardens256 views
Reserve Troops and Armoured Lorry Outside City Hall 1922256 viewsGlass plate copy negative of reserve troops and an armoured Lancia APC outside City Hall on Dame Street. Troops are pictured standing on the steps of City Hall and along the street in front of the building. At least two men are visible inside the Lancia APC. The top of the lorry has been covered with a wire mesh. Several civillians are pictured walking past in the street and one boy with his hands in his pockets appears to be looking directly at the camera. A caption on the top of the picture reads: " RESERVES - Troups and armoured lorry of the National Army outside the City Hall in readiness for a call to the firing line. (FREEMAN photo) 1922"
Collinstown Aerodrome256 views
Dun Laoghaire Harbour256 viewsAerial photograph of Dun Laoghaire harbour and the surrounding coastline.
Kilcullen Bridge256 views
Hoisting the Flag at the Curragh255 viewsThe first glass plate contains the caption " A Group of Free State Officers salute the Irish Flag after being hoisted on the Water Tower, Curragh Camp '. The flag is not visible in plate one.
Troops in Armoured Car255 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Rolls Royce Armoured Car with a tri-colour suspended from the car, seven personnel are posed in the photograph, two of which are in uniform.
Custom House Dublin255 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Custom House, railway track, ships moored on the Liffey and the surrounding area.
Naas town, County Kildare255 views
Collinstown Aerodrome255 views
Collinstown Aerodrome255 views
Vespas in Formation255 views
Hurricane IIC255 viewsOne glass plate negative showing 3 Hurricanes flying in formation , the hurricanes are identified by the numbers, 115, 116 and 119
Magazine Fort255 views
Magazine Fort255 views
Historical Uniform254 viewsGlass plate negative image taken at Greenmount Oil Company, Harold's Cross, Dublin featuring Company Director Mr Dobbyn, Laurence J. Kettle (member of Uniform Sub Committee) and George Walsh, IV Battalion, Kimmage company, May 1914. Kettle models uniform approved by appointed Sub-Committee (comprised of Eoin MacNeill and Laurence J. Kettle). A print copy of this image is also located in PRCN/0028/01/027, George Walsh Papers, Military Archives.
Civillian Posing in Front of Car Outside Officer's Mess Baldonnel254 viewsOne glass plate negative of a man, possibly an officer in civillian attire posing in front of his car. There are several tri-colour flags in the front of the car.
Inside of Church254 viewsGlass plate negative showing the interior of the old Church in Baldonnel.
Killester Housing Scheme Dublin254 views
Naas town, County Kildare254 views
Collinstown Aerodrome254 views
Baldonnel Aerodrome Aerial254 views
Officer's Mess Gardens253 views
Guard Turned Out Renmore Barracks253 viewsGlass plate copy negative of eight Free State Soldiers standing for inspection at Renmore Barracks. No individual in the photograph is wearing the full standard free state army uniform. Six of the eight men have a rifle. The photograph appears to have been taken shortly after the take-over of the barracks. Behind the men there is a wall of sandbags and a building with an awning.
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover253 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats near the harbour.
Troops in Open Group Shot253 viewsGlass plate negative showing two photographs, the first of which includes eight Free State soldiers, seven of which are carrying weapons, the second image is damaged beyond repair however a part of vehicle and part of a person can be seen in the image.
Cattle Market Dublin253 viewsGlass plate negative showing the cattle market and the surrounding area in Dublin City.
Portobello Barracks Dublin253 viewsGlass plate negative showing Portobello barracks.
Cabra, Dublin253 viewsAerial negative of Cabra and the surrounding area
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