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Recruiting Officer and Men Signing On288 viewsGlass plate copy negative with above caption "Answering the Call: Thousands of young DUBLIN men Arms issued by the IRISH GOVERNMENT. Photographs..particular to Recruiting Officer." Image shows two officers at a desk appearing to take particulars of a civilian man. A queue of men two abreast is formed neatly behind him.
Kit Packed in Box288 viewsGlass plate negative showing an army kit packed in a box.
Group Photo in Front of Hanger 'C'288 viewsGlass plate negative of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of Hanger C.
IE-MA-ACPS-GPN-171-1288 viewsAerial photograph showing the complex of the National University Dublin
St. Laurence's Gate, Drogheda288 viewsAerial photograph of St. Laurence's Gate
Minister's House "Frank Aiken"288 viewsAerial photograph of Frank Aiken's house and surrounding area.
Powerscourt House Enniskerry288 viewsOne glass plate negative of Powerscourt House.
Lourdes Flying Hospital Dun Laoghaire288 viewsGlass plate negative showing Lourdes Flying Hospital located in Dun Laoghaire.
DH8 (Showing Wireless Set)287 viewsGlass plate copy negatives showing the wireless set inside an aircraft. The aircraft appears to be in fact an Airco DH9.
Army Jumping Team287 viewsPlate one shows three officers posing on horseback in front of the army equitation school.
Lt J Twohig - Sidcot287 viewsPlates one show the Sidcot flightsuit complete with harness.
Historical Uniform Sketch287 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a sketch of a senior cadet officer posing in uniform. The original image appears to have been drawn in pencil and the paper is creased in several places. The picture shows the upper body of an officer who is posing in a chair by a table. The officer is not wearing his hat. The artist has autographed the sketch in the top left. It reads ' Frank [IEAD] 23'
Group Photo Troops in Front of Old Hut Air Corps287 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing a group shot in front of a hut in Baldonnel. Colonel Fitzmaurice appears to be seated in the front row.
Short Service Commission287 viewsGlass plate negative image of a group of Aer Corp's officers posed in front of a Bi-Plane.
De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken287 viewsGlass plate negative showing Eamon De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken
Miles Magisters on Grass287 views
Hibernian School Phoenix Park287 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Hibernian School located in Phoenix Park.
Croke Park287 viewsAerial photograph of Croke Park
Golf Club House Curragh287 viewsSecond aerial photograph of the Golf Club House situated in the Curragh Camp, Co. Kldare
Blessing Mass286 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a priest outside a hangar at Baldonnel Aerodrome. A member of Air Corps personnel is holding the priest's hat. Serveral civilians are also present and appear to be listening to the priest offering a blessing. A hangar with the door opened is visible in the background.
Map of Ireland Indicating RAF Bases286 viewsPlate three is entitled RAF Ireland 1921 and shows a map of Ireland showing several military airfields.
Ancillary Section Capt O'Shea286 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of ancillary section Air Corps personnel including Captain O'Shea posing in tiered rows in front of a hanger at Baldonnel.
Bomb Shelter Kilbride286 viewsGlass plate negative showing a World War II bomb shelter in Kilbride.
First Short Service Commission Group Photo In Front of Bi-Plane286 viewsGlass plate negative showing a first short service commission group photo in front of a bi-plane in Baldonnel.
Blessing of Tricolour Gormanston Camp286 viewsGlass plate copy negative taken from a book showing the blessing of the tri-colour flag at Gormanston Camp.
Set Pilots Course Group Photo286 viewsGlass plate negative of a group photograph for a set pilots course group. Officers in the front row from left to right are Lieutenant Louis Tracey, Lieutenant D. J. Healey, Captain Malachy Higgins, unknown, Captain Paddy Swan, unknown, unknown, unknown, Lieutenant Barry Cagney and unknown.
O' Connell Street Looking North286 viewsGlass plate negative image showing O'Connell Street and O'Connell Bride looking north.
Artane Industrial School286 viewsAerial Photograph of Artane Industrial School with the initials AAC, TJM/TM inscribed on the glass.
St. Laurence's Gate, Drogheda286 views
Fairey Battle at Tramore286 viewsGlass plate negative of the plane "Fairey Battle" landed at Tramore
Carlisle Fort, County Cork286 views
British & Russian Aircraft285 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Re-Organisation of Air Services285 viewsPlate one shows the statistics for total strength of the Air Corps and the breakdown of officers in various sections. A note at the end records that this proposed organisation never took place due to the army mutiny in March 1924.
Group Photo Officers Nurse Civillians (Hats Off)285 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a row of officers and civillians standing in a row holding their hats in what appears to be a mark of respect. The subject which they are looking at is not visible from the photograph. There are several rows of chairs behind the men. Other officers are visible in the background also holding their hat in their hands.
Crashed Bi-Plane (17) Bristol F2B285 views
Two Images - Sea-Plane, Officers in Office285 viewsThe first image on this plate is showing two officers in an office.
The second image on this plate is showing a sea plane crashed on land.
Group Photo in Front of Bi-Plane285 viewsGlass plate negative of seventeen Aer Corp personnel posed for a group photograph in front of a Bi-Plane.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin285 views
Dundrum County Dublin. Ex Servicemen's House285 viewsAerial photograph showing Dundrum village, the ex-serviceman house is not identified in this photograph.
Maryboro285 viewsVertical glass plate negative showing Maryboro and the surrounding area.
Fermoy Town, County Cork285 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna285 views
Rineanna Mosaic284 viewsImage two contains the following information: ' Rineanna Airport 25 July 1941; Height 6,425; F.L. T"; Scale: 5.75" =1 ml; Time: 13:00 hours; Baldonnel Photographic Section "
Curragh Mosaic284 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing two aerial photographs of the Curragh in 1941. The images have been joined together to show a wide view of the Curragh camp. The following details are recorded under the image: Height 7,000' F.L. 7", Date: 25-7-'41, SCALE 5.5" = 1ml, TIME; 12.00 hrs '
Old Air Corps Photograph284 viewsGlass plate negative image of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of a wall.
Miles Magisters on Grass284 views
Will's Tobacco Factory Dublin284 viewsGlass plate negative showing Will's Tobacco factory and the surrounding area in Dublin.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin284 views
Agricultural College Glasnevin284 views
Shannon Airport Rynanna284 views
Ardnacrusha284 views
Templebreedy Fort, County Cork284 views
Leinster House and Lawn284 views
British & Russian Aircraft283 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
British & Russian Aircraft283 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Rineanna Mosaic283 views Image one appears to have been made by a collage of a series of photographs.
Aircraft Log Books for Bristol Fighter I, Bristol fighter III and the Big Fella283 viewsPlate one shows the arrival of Bristol Fighter I to the Provisional Irish Government. The book states " Issued to Major General Dalton - Chas F. Russell Capt D.C.A. Commanding Eastern District for Provisional Government of Ireland " and is dated 5 of July 1922.
Gustav Machine Gun Demonstrations and Manuals283 viewsPlate one is a copy from an illustrated manual showing the carrying and firing positions for a Gustav machine gun.
Double Image Sean T. O'Kelly in Cockpit and Bomber B17 Crashed on Beach283 viewsGlass plate copy negative showing two photographs. The top image shows an aerial photograph of bomber B17 crashed on a beach. The bottom is a close up portrait of Sean T O Ceallaigh posing in a cockpit, in what appears to be an Irish Air Corps exhibition in the RDS Ballsbridge.
Group Photo in Front of Building283 viewsGlass plate negative image of Irish Army personnel posed in front of a building.
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