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Casement Aerodrome380 viewsGlass plate negative showing Casement Aerodrome.
Rinenna379 views
Army Jumping Team379 viewsPlate one shows three officers posing on horseback in front of the army equitation school.
Aircraft Log Books for Bristol Fighter I, Bristol fighter III and the Big Fella379 viewsPlate one shows the arrival of Bristol Fighter I to the Provisional Irish Government. The book states " Issued to Major General Dalton - Chas F. Russell Capt D.C.A. Commanding Eastern District for Provisional Government of Ireland " and is dated 5 of July 1922.
O' Connell Street Looking North379 viewsGlass plate negative image showing O'Connell Street and O'Connell Bride looking north.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin379 views
Eucharistic Congress Dun Laoghaire379 views
76th Cadet Class 1999-01379 views
Avro Cadet 631s in flight379 viewsGlass plate negative showing a "from air" shot of three Avro Cadet 631s flying in formation. The Avro Cadet serial numbers are 1, 2 and 7.
Troops Under Canvas378 viewsGlass plate copy negative of two low quality photographic prints of Free State troops beside pitched tents.
Rineanna Mosiac (One Runway)378 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an aerial view of Rineanna or Shannon airport.
Lt J Twohig - Sidcot378 viewsPlates one show the Sidcot flightsuit complete with harness.
Ancillary Section Capt O'Shea378 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a group portrait of ancillary section Air Corps personnel including Captain O'Shea posing in tiered rows in front of a hanger at Baldonnel.
Historical Uniform378 viewsGlass plate negative image taken at Greenmount Oil Company, Harold's Cross, Dublin featuring Company Director Mr Dobbyn, Laurence J. Kettle (member of Uniform Sub Committee) and George Walsh, IV Battalion, Kimmage company, May 1914. Kettle models uniform approved by appointed Sub-Committee (comprised of Eoin MacNeill and Laurence J. Kettle). A print copy of this image is also located in PRCN/0028/01/027, George Walsh Papers, Military Archives.
First Short Service Commission Group Photo In Front of Bi-Plane378 viewsGlass plate negative showing a first short service commission group photo in front of a bi-plane in Baldonnel.
De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken378 viewsGlass plate negative showing Eamon De Valera, Charles Lindbergh, PA Mulcahy and Frank Aiken
Croke Park378 viewsAerial photograph of Croke Park
Fermoy Town, County Cork378 views
Collinstown Aerodrome378 views
Ballincollig County Cork Aerodrome378 views
Eucharistic Congress Arrival of Ship at Dun Laoghaire Harbour With Flyover377 viewsGlass plate copy negative of the arrival of Lorenzo Lauri, Legate of Pope Pius XI by mail boat into Dun Laoghaire Harbour to celebrate the 31st Eucharistic Congress. Image shows six aircraft flying in formation in the shape of a cross with the ship visible in the background. Spectators are observing the scene from Dun Laoghaire pier and from small boats near the harbour.
Unknown Location Aircraft in Field 377 viewsGlass plate negative image showing multipliable aircraft some aircraft are taxying and some are parked on the apron.
Hibernian School Phoenix Park377 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Hibernian School located in Phoenix Park.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin377 views
National University Dublin377 viewsAerial photograph showing the complex of the National University Dublin and the surrounding areas
Prepare to signal two small flag 377 viewsArmy Signal Corps Training Morse Flags and Dummy Keys (Flags). This signal meant "Prepare to signal two small flag". Taken at Naas Barracks under the supervision of Comdt Gantly of Army Signal Corps for use in Signal Corps Bulletin, 20 May 1927.
Inside of Church376 viewsGlass plate negative showing the interior of the old Church in Baldonnel.
Richmond Hospital, Dublin376 views
Hoisting the Flag at the Curragh375 viewsThe second plate contains the caption " Col. O'Connell hoists the Irish flag on the Water Tower of The Curragh Camp, after the taking-over ceremony, May 16 1922 '. Two men can be seen hoisting the flag with perhaps a third person who is barely visible behind the flag. Another man looks on from the doorway.
Test Bench375 viewsPlate two shows a man operating a machine that is either pulling an engine out or lowering it into an aircraft. Two men are holding the engine on either side.
Group Portrait of Sinn Fein Office375 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait taken outdoors showing members of the Sinn Fein office. Michael Collins and Desmond Fitzgerald are both present.
Miles Magister on Parade on Apron375 viewsGlass plate negative showing Miles Magisters lined up on the apron in Baldonnel.
Miles Magisters on Grass375 views
Avro Cadets Formation375 viewsOne glass plate negative showing six Avro Cadets flying in formation.
Baldonnel Dramatic Society374 viewsThe first plate shows members of the society posing outdoors in a three tiered row for a group portrait. The image shows twenty members of the society dressed in either costume or military attire. Several men are made up to look like women.
British & Russian Aircraft374 viewsPlates two, three and four are of multiple photographs copied simultaneously.
Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on Ramp374 viewsGlass plate negatives showing four Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on ramp with personnel standing in front of or working on the planes.
Dundrum, County Dublin374 viewsAerial photograph showing Dundrum village and the surrounding area.
Collinstown Aerodrome374 views
Ballincollig County Cork Aerodrome374 views
DH8 (Showing Wireless Set)373 viewsGlass plate copy negatives showing the wireless set inside an aircraft. The aircraft appears to be in fact an Airco DH9.
Guard Turned Out Renmore Barracks373 viewsGlass plate copy negative of eight Free State Soldiers standing for inspection at Renmore Barracks. No individual in the photograph is wearing the full standard free state army uniform. Six of the eight men have a rifle. The photograph appears to have been taken shortly after the take-over of the barracks. Behind the men there is a wall of sandbags and a building with an awning.
75th Cadet Class 1998-00373 views
Rev. Fr. O'Riordan372 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a portrait of Reverend Father O'Riordain in military uniform. Portrait appears to have been taken in a studio and shows Reverend Father O'Riordan from the waist up.
Army Collar Badges372 viewsGlass plate copy negative of five army collar badges.
Summary of Air Corps 1931-1932372 viewsGlass plate copy negative of a table listing the numbers of officers, NCOs and privates for the years 1931 to 1932.
Crashed Bi-Plane372 viewsGlass plate negative showing a crashed Bi-plane with an officer standing in front, no identification marks are visible on the plane.
Group Photo in Front of Hanger 'C'372 viewsGlass plate negative of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of Hanger C.
Guinness Brewery Dublin372 views
Will's Tobacco Factory Dublin372 viewsGlass plate negative showing Will's Tobacco factory and the surrounding area in Dublin.
Maryboro372 viewsVertical glass plate negative showing Maryboro and the surrounding area.
Collinstown Aerodrome372 views
Golf Club House Curragh372 viewsFirst aerial photograph of the Golf Club House situated in the Curragh Camp, Co. Kldare
Shannon Airport Rynanna372 views
Rathfarnham372 views
Test Bench371 viewsPlates three and four are identical and show a man working on a test bench outside a hangar.
Lt J Twohig - Sidcot371 viewsPlates two show the Sidcot flightsuit.
Two Images - Sea-Plane, Officers in Office371 viewsThe first image on this plate is showing two officers in an office.
The second image on this plate is showing a sea plane crashed on land.
Guinness Brewery Dublin371 views
Fermoy Town, County Cork371 views
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