Last comments - Glass Plate Negatives(1922-1968)
The Salvage Corps at Tallaght Aerodrome.869 viewsGlass plate negative showing the Salvage Corps unloading salvage from a truck from inside one of the hangars at Tallaght Aerodrome. For more information see an article titled "The Salvage Corps", An tÓglách, Volume 6, No 1 (New Series),5th May 1923, pages 3 - 6.08/09/16 at 03:27Guest_eeqxgupme: Ibtihaj Muhammad hat Geschic
Rifle practice862 viewsGroup of soldiers firing the Lee Enfield rifle in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare. c192804/04/16 at 11:52Guest_Ann Balfe: This would hve been where my uncle Frank trained
Recruits training.712 viewsGlass plate negative showing three recruits being given a lesson on signal equipment from a two star NCO sometime between 1930-1965.12/17/15 at 21:04Guest_Brian Phelan: 1 Fd Sigs, Radio Stn, Collins Bks Cork, BC610 Tx,
Firing party preparing to fire a volley of shots at Arbour Hill Barracks644 viewsGuard of honour at Arbour Hill Barracks, standinf to the front is a firing party preparing to fire a volley of shots, taken during a ceremony to commemorate the execution of the 1916 rising leaders sometime in the 1920s.07/30/15 at 20:21Guest_James G: A 34 gun salute?
Lee Enfield Grenade launcher1052 viewsGlass plate negative showing an Infantry Sergeant displaying how to fire a grenade from a Lee Enfield rifle from the kneeling position. This plate could have been used for instructional purposes and used in training manuals. Taken on the 6th March 1926 possible in the Curragh Camp, Co.Kildare.07/07/15 at 02:00Guest_Bridget Quinn: date of birth 11/6/66 born in curragh camp
Rifle practice541 viewsSoldiers practicing their shooting skills, while under the watchful eye of their commanding officer, on a range located in the Curragh Camp, County Kildare.04/27/15 at 16:17Guest_CATHERINE TUITE,DOY: HAVE YOU ANY NAMES FOR THESE MEN PLEASE,,,
Cavalry Corps recruits678 viewsGlass plate negative showing a Cavalry Corps recruit standing on the foot pegs of a BS motorcycle while aiming a Lee Enfield rifle into the air. Possibly taken in Cathal Brugha Barracks between 1930-1960.02/23/15 at 21:35Guest_Gerry Moore: No 4 Lee Enfield Rifle woul make it 50s or 60s.
Fitting of the issued belt 1924716 viewsGlass plate negative showing a soldier from the 26th Infantry Battalion demonstrating how to fit and wear the army issue belt, under the supervision of Commandant McManus.01/28/15 at 11:25Guest_Ian Sims: 26th Inf
Infantry section with Lee Enfield Rifles and Lewis Machine Gun.826 viewsGlass plate negative showing a section of Infantry soldiers carrying Lee Enfield rifles and one Lewis Machine gun, these soldiers are wearing Vickers steel helmets and combat webbing, taken between 1927 and 1931.01/28/15 at 11:23Guest_Ian Sims: collar badges 2nd Inf?
Horse on Bridle, McKee Barracks.673 viewsGlass plate negative showing a horse named "Vixen" on the bridle being held by a soldier from the Equitation school, which was under the command of the Supply and Transport Corps at that time.12/19/14 at 15:41Guest_Ellen Hanna: I love horses.
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