Last comments - Air Corps Museum Glass Plate Negative Photographs
Group Portrait377 viewsGlass plate nagtive six persons, one of the persons in the image is Barron Ehrenfried Gunther Freiherr von Huenefeld and another is Col James Michael Fitzmaurice04/24/17 at 20:56Guest_Seamus McCaffrey: Clergy are Archbishop Byrne & Fr. O'Donnell a...
Knockaderry Reservoir, Waterford361 viewsGlass plate negative showing Knockaderry Reservoir and the surrounding area. 02/21/17 at 13:56Guest_Richard: Old Map
Kilcullen Bridge440 views01/24/17 at 01:35Guest_Paul Cooke: Yes, this is definitely Newbridge, Co. Kildare
Group Photo in Front of Bi-Plane, Copy450 viewsGlass plate negative image of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of a Bi-Plane.11/28/16 at 10:42Military Archives: Hi Paul, you can request a copy through our Duty A...
Group Photo in Front of Bi-Plane, Copy450 viewsGlass plate negative image of a group of Aer Corp personnel posed in front of a Bi-Plane.10/08/16 at 16:11Guest_Paul Stevenson: I think my grandfather is on this, can i get acopy
Air Corps Group Photograph409 viewsGlass plate copy negative of an early Air Corps group photo. Image shows forty Air Corps personnel posing in a group shot in front of a hangar at Baldonnel.10/08/16 at 15:29Guest_Paul Stevenson: I am certain my Grandfather Corporal James Connell
Agricultural College Glasnevin379 views09/06/16 at 19:14Guest_Paul Fogarty: Santry dimesne and house. Demolished in 1959
Agricultural College Glasnevin379 views09/04/16 at 21:36Guest_Matt Robinson: Wrongly identified. This is/was Santry Court
Group photograph of army officers428 viewsGlass plate negative of eight army officers, possibly British standing in a line with swords.08/18/16 at 16:22Guest_Pat O'Brien: More likely Irish Volunteers pre 1916?
Newbridge Bridge381 viewsGlass plate negative showing a bridge in Newbridge08/17/16 at 11:36Guest_Ray Stewart: This is a photo of the bridge in Kilcullen.
Kilcullen Bridge440 views08/17/16 at 11:34Guest_Ray Stewart: NOT Kilcullen. I think this is Newbridge.
Vespas in Formation382 views08/16/16 at 12:39Guest_Tony Kearns: Avro Cadets
Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on Ramp366 viewsGlass plate negatives showing four Bristol F2B Bi-Planes on ramp with personnel standing in front of or working on the planes.08/16/16 at 10:41Guest_Tony Kearns: LtoR Martinsyde F4, Bristol Fighter,two DH9 Fermoy
390 views08/14/16 at 13:23Guest_Bryan Sheridan: Emo Court?
Private Secretary's Lodge, Phoenix Park366 views08/14/16 at 12:21Guest_Bryan Sheridan: Chief Secretary's Lodge or Under Secretary�
Avro 626 From Above 372 viewsGlass plate negative showing 3 Avro 626 planes with the identification numbers 15,16 and 17.08/11/16 at 22:43Guest_Joe Maxwell: The aircrafts shown are Avro 636's not 626�
Avro Cadets in Formation376 views08/11/16 at 22:41Guest_Joe Maxwell: The aircraft shown above is a Vickers Vespa.
Bi-Plane370 viewsThis glass plate negative is showing a Bi-plane stationary on the ground with personnel positioned around it.08/11/16 at 22:31Guest_Joe Maxwell: That's a Martinsyde Buzzard
Inchicore Church371 views08/11/16 at 09:59Guest_Dominic Price: The Oblates as distinct from St Michael's
Stewart Institution Palmerstown379 views08/11/16 at 09:55Guest_Dominic Price: BA Cottages top center - Price Home
British & Russian Aircraft373 viewsPlate one is of a Shackleton aircraft and appears to have been taken from a manual. 08/10/16 at 19:31Guest_Steve Rogers: No Russian aircraft in that photo.
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