The material deals in the main with administration matters raised in the Department of Defence in dealings with the Office of the Referee, reports, responses to queries and other matters. However, a number of files generated by the work of the Referee and Advisory Committee are found to be incorporated in the series. These files deal with "general principals" applied by the Referee (/Admin/1 to 3) and matters relating to applications from veterans of the Northern Divisions and their verification, for example. In all 49 files are released in this series. 

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Legal papers sent in 1949 by Judge Fawsitt (Circuit Court Judge and Referee) to the Secretary of the Department of Defence (See 1934/LEG/1).

1934/LEG: Series of 12 files containing legal documentation relating to cases brought against the Minister for Defence (between 1940 and 1946) involving pension applicants whose claims were rejected under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934. Some claimants complain that they either had no opportunity to give evidence or had no opportunity to have witnesses called before the Referee/Advisory Committee in relation to their case. In some cases, the Referee was accused of an excess of jurisdiction and a lack of regard for the provisions of the Act. Files contain legal documentation (affidavits, orders, judgements...), and correspondence with solicitors. [Files may be incomplete and might not all reflect the whole legal process and complexity of each case].

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