Maps and sketches are to be found throughout the Military Service Pensions Collection. These were created to illustrate and plan military actions, ambushes, to depict boundaries between companies and battalions and to show areas of responsibility of local IRA units.
Most of this material is in a very poor physical condition and a conservation programme is under way. As that programme progresses, maps and sketches will be released online in context.

Some examples are shown here:

1. Sketch map of Brosna village and RIC barracks (Co. Kerry) relating to the attacks which took place on 6 and 19 June 1920, 26 May 1921 and 13 June 1921. The positions of attacking IRA parties are marked by black crosses. (in IE/MA/MSPC/A/6 a & b)

2. Sketch map of Castleisland, Co. Kerry, relating to prepared and actual ambushes for the following dates: 1, 2 and 11 November 1920, 8 May 1921, 10 July 1921 and 11 November 1921. Map signed by Timothy O'Connor, O/C 1st Battalion, Kerry II Brigade. (in IE/MA/MSPC/A/6 a & b)

3. Sketch map of a detail at the corner of Castleisland Main Street and Chapel/Church Street (Cork Road) (Co.Kerry). It is noted that the red crosses denote where the ambush and the shooting of Whippen (Black and Tan) took place and the blue crosses indicate where the ambush and the shooting of Head Constable Storey and Sergeant Butler which took place on 8 May 1920. Map signed by Timothy O'Connor, O/C 1st Battalion, Kerry II Brigade. (in IE/MA/MSPC/A/6 a & b)

4. IE/MSPC/RO/327 West Mayo Brigade map: Hand-drawn coloured map showing the Castlebar Battalion area-West Mayo Brigade. The map shows the boundaries of the Brigade as well as the boundaries of the following companies: Glenisland, Burren, Crimlin, Turlough, Ballyvary, Castlebar (1 & 2), Breaghwy, Islandeady, Ballyheane, Ballintubber. (scale: one inch to a mile). 

5. IE/MA/MSPC/A/66/2: Hand drawn map on tracing paper of Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford. An accompanying key identifying significant sites relating to activity in the town during Easter Week 1916. The map shows outposts and inner posts, sentry posts, occupied and guarded buildings and sniping posts.

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