Last month Military Archives released a further 2,200 Maps, Plans & Drawings in our reading room, bringing the total amount released to the public to 3,600 Maps, Plans & Drawings. 

The document of the month selected for September is one of those maps released. This map is one of the Martello Tower on Ireland's Eye. The file reference is IE-MA-MPD-AD134122-004, and is dated from the 7th March 1850 (the earliest date written on the map, however is 14th April 1806 and this date is written in relation to the deeds for the land on which the Martello tower is built). 

Other information included on the drawing includes the approach roads to the well and the landing zone on the island. 

Appointments to view the the full 3,600 images in our reading room can be made via the telephone number or email address contained on this page.


Mortello Tower on Irelands eye