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German Aircraft Crash 18th April 1941

On the morning of the 18th April 1941, a German Heinkel long range bomber crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Long Island, Schull, Co. Cork This plane was crewed by: 

Oberlieut Erst Muller

Regi erungorat Walter Habich

Sergt.Pilot Karl Machl

Pte Alfred Jackel

Cpl Willi Salbenblatt

Ft Sgt George Sigl.

The plane was observed by 207798 Volunteer Kirby and 205627 Volunteer Leahy as recorded by 207615 Corporal F. Lawlor in a report dated 21st April 1941. After crashing, the crew of the plane were rescued by Mr. Con Hayes O'Driscoll and brought ashore.

The attached images are taken from the Crashes and Forced Landings of Belligerent Aircraft Collection, the Look Out Post Log Books Collection and the Daily Report Summaries Collection. These provide an insight into the visit to Ireland of the crew of this German bomber on the faithful day of 18th April 1941.  

DRS-498 Page 1,
DRS-498 Page 2,
LOP-42 Page 140,
G2/X/724 Page 9,
G2/X/724 Page 24,
G2/X/724 Page 75,
G2/X/724 Page 80,
G2/X/724 Page 81,