May’s document of the month is from the Bureau of Military History’s Contemporary Documents collection.

File Reference Title   Edition    Extent
BMH/CD/301/a page 5 to page 10. An Macaomh Vol 2, No 2 50 pp

The pages displayed are extracted from the full publication, edited by Pádraic Pearse and published at St Enda’s College, Rathfarnham in May of 1913.

The article titled “By Way of Comment” was written by Pádraic Pearse 5 years after the creation of St Enda’s college. On page 1 of the publication Pádraic provides the reason for resurrecting this publication “I have roused this MACAOMH of mine again, having allowed him to slumber for two years. Like those panoplied kings that are said to sleep in Aileach, he has only been awaiting a call. I send him out now to publish tidings of sundry pageantries, pomps, and junketings: festivities to which my friends and I are inviting the men of Ireland, not altogether out of largeness of our hearts, but with ulterior motives appertaining to the weal of a certain College.”   

This publication was donated to the Bureau of Military History by Mrs.  V. Gogarty on the 21 February 1951.