Private Collection ACC/2015/16 Joan Byrne

To mark the centenary of the funeral of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa on 1st August 1915, we have made a reprint of his first public speech our document of the month for August. This fiery speech, well received by his audience, was given by him at the reception to mark the first anniversary of the formation of the Phoenix National and Literary Society in Skibbereen. The text of the speech (titled "Our Country") was reprinted from the Dundalk Democrat and People's Journal, which was originally published on 16 January 1858.

The above photograph is taken from a private collection donated to us this year by Ms Joan Byrne (reference number ACC/2015/16), showing O'Donovan Rossa lying in state in City Hall on 28-29 July 1915 before his funeral in Glasnevin. The donor's grandfather, Patrick Joseph Byrne, is one of the men in attendance in this photo.

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