Considering the numerous First World War ceremonies and commemorations that are taking place (in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and internationally), the Document of the Month for August reflects these centenary events. The image used is purported to be the first photograph transmitted from the front and was published by the Illustrated London News organisation in their special supplement “The Illustrated War News”


The Illustrated War News” ran as a supplement to the Illustrated London News for the duration of the First World War, and featured hundreds of photographs, artistic impressions and select articles, featuring and describing scenes from the various battlefields which made up the theatre of WWI. Artists included Frederick Villiers (1851—1922), who covered the Western Front, and Henry Charles Seppings-Wright (1850-1937), who covered the Eastern Front. As demonstrated by the image, the publication included visual representations which depicted both sides of the conflict. 


The consolidated issues of “The Illustrated War News” are held by the Military Archives in the reference library, and the weekly issues covering the months of April and May 1916 are consulted frequently by our researchers as these issues feature scenes of a ruined Dublin immediately after the Easter Rising. 


Unfortunately Military Archives does not hold service records for Irishmen who served in WWI, but the following updated document gives details of the Irish Regiments in the British Army before, during and after that time period, contact details for Regimental Associations and web links to more details on particular Regiments. Research notes, and further useful web links, have also been added for anyone searching for details of their relatives who served during WWI, in the British, American or Canadian Armies, or with the ANZACS.


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