The September Document of the Month is an example excerpt from a file compiled in and around 1985, which collected together the results of the main Army Championships in a number of sports. It covers from 1923 (the year in which the Army Athletic Association was formed) up to 1985 in some of the sports. The details listed include the name and rank of the winner in each year, along with their unit, or the Command they served in.

Other details that might be included are dependent on the sport in question. For example, the lists for the 100 yards (later 100 metres) in the Athletic Championships include the time of the winner, the Army record and the record held by a member of the National Athletic and Cultural Association of Ireland. In another example from some of the weight divisions in the Army Boxing Championships lists, the name of the opponent beaten in the final is included as well.

The sports listed include many disciplines in Athletics such as the various distances in running including relays and hurdling, the long jump, high jump and the 16lbs. shot. It also includes cycling, marathon and decathlon, boxing (Junior and Senior Championships), Tennis, Hurling, Gaelic Football, Association Football, Rugby, Golf, Swimming, Volleyball and Basketball. In addition (inserted in the back of the file), there is a loose copy of a history of the Army Fly-fishing competition between 1957 and 1978, to help broaden the scope of this sports results file!

It is available to be viewed in the Military Archives Reading Room if people wish to research this aspect of the history of the Defence Forces.

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