Military Archives to launch 1922 Military Census on 13 November 2012.


It was decided by the Army Council that a census of the National Forces would be conducted on the night of the 12th and 13th November 1922 of all posts including Military hospitals and detention centres.  The census contained instructions for the compilation of the census which was to be carried out by the ‘Officer Commanding or an Officer, or a responsible Non Commissioned Officer detailed by him’.  Compiling Officers were required to collect and return the completed or blank forms to the distributing Officers at the first opportunity on the morning of the 13th November 1922. The files were collated and checked at Divisional Headquarters and subsequently forwarded to the Director of Organisation, General Headquarters, Portobello Barracks (Cathal Brugha Barracks) via their respective Command Headquarters.  The purpose of the Census was to ascertain the exact strength of the National Forces by location for administrative, logistical and operational purposes.
The 90th anniversary of the Census is approaching and will result in the launch online of the first phase of the Military Archives 1922 Census project.  The first phase will see the release of digitised scans of the census forms by location, which will be available to view on a map on   The release will take place on the 90th Anniversary on 13 November 2012 providing a definitive list of Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and soldiers serving at midnight on the night of the 12th November 1922. 
The second phase is scheduled for release in early 1913 which will see the introduction of a text searchable facility by First and Second names, age and location.
The following information was taken by the compiling Officers:
Regimental Number, Rank, Surname, Christian Names, Number on Pay book, Date of Attestation, Place of Attestation, Married or Single, Religion of Soldier, Next of Kin, Name and Address of Next of Kin, Remarks.
The Census will provide an invaluable research tool for local history research, military history and genealogy providing a key resource that can now be made available to a National and International audience through
Note 1:  The 1922 census will be launched on the 13 November 2013 and will contain information provided to the compilers using the aforementioned headings listed above.  Should a next of kin directly listed wish for their name and address to be omitted from the project, please contact the Military Archives at the following address:
Post     OIC Military Archives
Cathal Brugha Barracks
Dublin 6
E mail:
Phone : 01 804 6457
Note 2: The Director of Organisation Diarmuid Hegarty had responsibility for the conduct of the Census in 1922. Lieutenant General Diarmuid Hegarty was later to become the Chief of Staff and also secretary to the Cabinet following his departure from the Army in 1923.
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Census record, Notes
Census record, Sample